Dorchester Regeneration

Smart technology is developing at great speed, and will shape the communities of the future.


New workplace and home environments are expected to come with super-fast connectivity as standard. At Dorchester Regeneration, we strive to go one step further and integrate smart living across our schemes.

Dorchester Regeneration has a track record of forming joint venture partnerships with key utility companies. At Prince Philip Park, we will be integrating smart technology across an entire town.

Working in partnership with global technology giant IBM and East Hampshire District Council, we will be establishing one of the country’s first ‘smart’ towns. The collaboration will bring state-of-the-art technology to the town and change the way people interact with their homes, with each other, their community and local services. Not only will this technology increase the level of convenience in the home, but it will encourage healthy lifestyles, reduce traffic, improve air quality and enable the delivery of care and other services to be delivered within people’s homes when needed. To support this, we have established a broadband joint venture that will deliver speeds in excess of any current BT offerings in the area.

On the same site we have established a partnership with Engie, one of the largest energy providers of its type, to deliver an energy centre and district heating network.