Social and affordable housing

Dorchester Regeneration

Dorchester actively invests in affordable housing

affordable housing

Dorchester Regeneration takes the delivery and management of social and affordable housing seriously. Across our schemes, we provide a wide mix of tenures. We also work closely with local authorities to ensure the homes we are delivering fit with the needs of the local population.

At Heyford Park, we have worked with Cherwell District Council to create a bespoke Local Lettings Plan that is unique to our scheme. This works alongside the Housing Authority’s Allocations Policy in order to determine priority for the affordable rental and shared ownership properties that are being built on site.

Affordable rental
We are one of the few private developers in the UK also registered as a social landlord. Our Heyford Regeneration company, owned by Dorchester director Paul Silver, is the registered provider of affordable and social housing at Heyford Park. It is responsible for managing the social portfolio on the development, as well as the affordable housing and shared ownership homes on the scheme.

Shared ownership
Unlike many housebuilders, we don’t pass our shared ownership schemes on to a third-party housing association. Buyers at Heyford Park, for example, share ownership of their homes with Heyford Regeneration, with the option to buy between 45% and 75% of the property.

Rent to Buy
Giving first time buyers the opportunity to get on the housing ladder is important to us. We have allocated specific plots and units on our sites for the delivery of homes under the Rent to Buy scheme.


Dorchester Living

The housebuilding arm of the group, Dorchester Living has been involved in the delivery of Heyford Park since its acquisition in 2009.

Social and affordable housing

Dorchester is one of the few private developers in the UK that is also registered as a social landlord.