Dorchester Regeneration

The heritage of our sites is important to the local communities, and we go to great lengths to protect and integrate as much historic significance as possible to the new communities we build.

heritage school at heyford park
Heyford Park Free School (former Officers Mess)

We take the time and effort to understand the heritage of the area in the early stages of a project, so we can plan for the future in a sympathetic way, through our buildings, culture and approach to the community.

We go beyond reflecting heritage through the naming of buildings and roads, to reflecting a site’s previous life through building design, restoration and re-use of historically important buildings, and the creation of heritage centres. We tell the story of a place by layering of history in all aspects of our projects.

A number of our projects have deep-running historic roots in their localities in addition to international significance. As well as undertaking early heritage impact assessments and engaging with the relevant bodies, we also listen carefully to what character fixtures the local community feels are important to retain.

Our senior management and advisory teams have unrivalled UK heritage redevelopment experience, with particular knowledge of handling historically important military sites. We are often approached directly to help landowners find a way to create a lasting legacy through regeneration of a site which no longer serves the purpose of its original use.