Built Environment

Dorchester Regeneration

From designer skate parks and co-working spaces, to purpose-built theatres and event venues, our master plans are designed around buildings that bring people together and cater for all ages and interests.

Built Environment

Careful consideration is given to the specific needs of the local residents, and innovative solutions are used to meet their needs.

For example, the attraction of Heyford Park to small business owners working from home, led us to design a village centre that includes co-working spaces. Instead of always sitting in home offices, residents could work in a more sociable environment with their neighbours. At Prince Philip Park, we have replaced a dilapidated but extremely popular sports club and cricket pavilion with a state-of-the-art new facility, boasting Sport England quality football and cricket pitches.

Dorchester Regeneration places great emphasis upon catering for future generations, as well as those using our buildings and spaces now. Careful consideration is given future-proofing at the design stage so that everything we are building will be fit for purpose as user demands change over time. Many of our new homes and commercial facilities have smart technology built in as standard.

When it comes to establishing thriving town centres, we understand the importance of getting the balance right between meeting local needs and aspirations, and the commercial realities of the retail, leisure and business markets.