Builders of places, creators of communities

Forward thinkers in
housebuilding and placemaking

Dorchester Regeneration has always sought to add value by creating a lasting positive legacy through strategic long-term investment, and our specific approach to building communities and community infrastructure.

Our Vision

To establish whole new neighbourhoods that are socially sustainable and bring people from all walks of life together.

Current Projects

We are working on a range of large strategic sites in rural and semi-urban settings for people to live, work and socialise within.


Creating whole thriving communities that people are proud of, is at the heart of what we do.  

Heyford Park, Oxfordshire

Transformation of a former military airbase. A modern take on the traditional English village.

Prince Philip Park, Hampshire

One of the largest regeneration projects of its kind being undertaken in the UK.


Providing for future generations is an essential part of sustainable regeneration.

Green Spaces

Whether it's parkland or sports grounds, green spaces feature prominently throughout our projects.


We go to great lengths to protect and integrate the historic significance of sites.


We are integrating smart living into all our schemes.

Dorchester Living

The housebuilding arm of the group, committed to building high quality, bespoke schemes.

Management Team

Our core management team is exceptionally experienced in the delivery of new settlements.