Asset Management

Dorchester Regeneration

With a responsibility for delivering everything from new homes to retail space, commercial units, community leisure facilities and infrastructure, we like to ensure that the management of all assets on our site is carried out professionally and efficiently.

asset management
Through our network of businesses, we have the in-house capabilities to take on the management of many of these assets ourselves. We have also taken a creative approach to managing our assets by building brands around the destination, to help market different business zones and target key industry sectors. See This Is Your Town for an example of this.
Asset management

Commercial real estate

Providing a thriving commercial hub helps to create a thriving economy for a new settlement area. Within our projects we have enterprise zones, office accommodation, industrial units, retail outlets and leisure facilities that we both own and operate. Our commercial real estate team works with local agents to manage these assets.

Asset management


On top of our development activity, we regularly retain a portfolio of residential assets, both on projects we have built and in key strategic locations throughout the UK. We operate these as a responsible corporate landlord for the private rental market.

Asset management


Providing for future generations is an essential part of sustainable regeneration and is something that we consider our responsibility as developers. Instead of just building new schools, we invest in their long-term security and currently operate our own free school at Heyford Park.